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Boat Anchor Winches

Savwinch is a highly established and well recognised brand of high quality boat anchor winches and accessories. They are robust and reliable well suited to the harsh marine environment.

The Savwinch Classic Series has been around for over 10 years now and is the highest quality drum anchor winch worldwide. Having been installed on thousands of boats including charters, coast guard vessels, private users boats, and even boats seen on popular fishing shows, there are many happy Savwinch users out on the water.


In 2016 Savwinch released their Signature “Stainless Steel Motor” series. Designed locally and made exclusively for Savwinch. These are 316 Stainless Steel motors, not just a cover. They have 20% more power and speed. Machined to fine tolerances and utilising O ring seals, the SS motors are completely submersible without the use of sealants or glues. No more concerns about water ingress or corrosion.


In 2017 Savwinch introduced the worlds first and only complete 316 Stainless Steel Winch, the SSS range! Like the above SS Winches, these are fully sealed 316 Stainless Steel motors but also feature a full 316 Stainless Steel Gearbox! Our SSS Winches are the Rolls Royce of Winches, you cannot find anything better!


Electric boat drum anchor winches:

  • Australian engineered motors
  • Oversized gearbox worm drive fully sealed (maintenance free for life)
  • 316 Stainless steel drum with solid keyed shaft
  • Fully sealed Motor (IP68 12V/24V) with external gland no terminals on motor (corrosion resistant)
  • Low noise, won’t scare off fish
  • Stainless Bearing hub and Bearing support
  • Comes with Circuit breaker, solenoid, and forward and reversing switch
  • Motor/gearbox has 12 different degree mounting points to drum bracket
  • No gap between the bracket and the drum so your rope cannot fall between and jam up
  • The anchor is lowered and raised through the flick of a switch and locks into position once switch is disengaged

We are proud to have the worlds first electronic Fast Fall system, with a patented world winning design. It is mechanical clutch free, which increases the speed of the motor on the way down, comparably as fast as you can freely drop your anchor. Other winch brands go up just as fast as they go down, this draws more current which could lead to overloads, battery drainage, and winch failure. Regardless the Savwinch Fast Fall system drops significantly faster than a fixed speed winch.

880CS/SS Boat Anchor Winch

drum anchor winches

1000CS/SS/SSS Boat Anchor Winch

drum anchor winches

1500CS/SS/SSS Boat Anchor Winch

drum anchor winches

2000SS/SSS Boat Anchor Winch

drum anchor winches

3000SS/SSS Boat Anchor Winch


4000SS/SSS Boat Anchor Winch

drum anchor winches