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The Facts About Savwinch & Drum Winches

Savwinch is a family owned Australian business that has been selling winches for over a decade. We are very particular about every aspect of our business, everything from motor designs to our in-house operations. We’re always working to improve our products and practices, read below about some of the reasoning behind our key operational decisions.

Bigger is “NOT” necessarily better!

It is very easy for Savwinch to further increase the power of our motors. But, being from a Motor/Gearbox Engineering background, we have engineered each of our anchor lifting and dropping Winches to perform flawlessly for their recommended vessel size and anchor weight. Any further power will have no benefit other than potential winch failure and possible safety risk. We wouldn’t be in business today if we couldn’t lift an anchor!

Some of the reasons that we have not overpowered our Winches:

  • High battery drainage
  • Potentially smashing your anchor on your Bowsprit
  • inching your boat underwater (when reefed)
  • Using heavier cables, which introduces a higher cost
  • Larger Switching Gear/The chance of more blowouts/failures
  • Larger/oversized motors can limit room in already tight areas/wells

Overpowering and over-engineering is a way of the past! If you really want a bigger more powerful motor, (FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS AT THE PUB) we’re more than happy to supply you one for almost no extra charge, But, considering the risks involved, this is something we don’t recommend!

Bearing in mind, because we have an engineering background, we are more than happy to custom build you a winch to suit almost any application. For example: we design/engineer and manufacture lifting winches for overseas military marine units, for Dropping and Lifting amphibious crafts off much larger military crafts. We have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and engineering for lifting and winching applications in many industries, not just the marine world.

Motor Covers/Sleeves

We use no covers on our motors (others do), and utilise a patented injection mould in the motor, which fills the internal casing not allowing room for condensation to get inside and rot the motor from the inside out (this is included on all of our ranges). All of our motors feature no exposed terminals, ensuring no water/condensation can get inside the motor. Additionally, having no cover allows the motor to breathe better when exposed, this helps prevent moisture, condensation, and corrosion. Our motors are designed and engineered perfectly for the Marine Environment, they aren’t an inferior off the shelf motor. Most competitors use covers over an industrial grade motor, whether it’s an aluminium, stainless steel, or plastic cover. This can lead to moisture, condensation, and rot. A cover also increased the diameter of the motor, meaning some motors won’t fit into all anchor wells.


Savwinch is Australian owned, designed, and engineered. Our motors are built in China exclusively under license for Savwinch (to our exact quality-controlled specifications). Savwinch has an engineering team both in Australia and China, with many experts behind the scenes.

Many of the world’s largest companies are building their products the same way, just look at the back of your iPhone for example “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. China is now one of the largest manufacturing Countries in the world, and is manufacturing great quality products. Did you know that China is actually endorsed by Free Trade Agreements with the Australian Government! There is no way we would have been able to offer this high-quality product/material at this price if we had our motors built in Australia. It’s worth noting that our motors actually cost us more than they used to, though we endeavour to always have the highest quality Drum Winch in the world! Additionally we still purchase, manufacture, and assemble components and services here in Australia, supporting many local Australian businesses. We have recently acquired a CNC machine to manufacture our full 316 Stainless Steel gearboxes.

Our Ethics

Savwinch endeavours to operate with high standards of corporate conduct. We conduct our business with integrity and in an ethical manner. We work in a team that share the same core values of integrity, teamwork and excellence. Customers are considered of utmost importance to us. We value our customers by continually asking for their feedback and opinions, developing and offering excellent quality products and the latest innovations making us market leaders. We back that up with excellent customer support. Savwinch also supports local community groups, charities and works with the Boating Industry Association of Victoria to meet its strategic goals and help achieve great outcomes for all boaters.

Don’t just take our word for all of this! Savwinch are multi award winning from Excellence Manufacturing Awards to International Innovation Awards. Savwinch is used by some of the following major Government organisations, hundreds of Boat Builders, Commercial Vessels, in addition to being sold through our Worldwide Distributorship Network!