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Stainless Steel Series

The worlds first and only complete 316 Stainless Steel Winch

SSS Drum Anchor Winch

Our international award winning Drum Winches feature specifically designed marine graded patented motors and oversized Worm Drive Gearboxes and are IP68 rated to suit even the harshest environments.

The motors can be moved into 12 different positions to ensure that each Drum Winch can be installed on almost any vessel. Paired with our EFF Electronic Fast Fall System our Drum Winches can reach speeds of over 100m per minute.

The Stainless Steel Series (SSS) is our premium range of Drum Winch and is the worlds first and only complete 316 Stainless Steel Winch. Machined to fine tolerances and utilising O ring seals, the SSS series motors are completely submersible without the use of sealants or glues. You no longer need to be concerned about water ingress or corrosion. This is the Rolls Royce of winches.


The Stainless Steel Series is the Rolls Royce of Drum Winches, the best Winch we can possibly offer you. It features a 316 stainless steel motor, a 316 stainless steel gearbox, and a 316 stainless steel drum. As with all of our Winches, the Signature Series is IP68 rated and features a patented injection mould which fills all of the air pockets inside the motor. The motor is a solid block Stainless Steel motor (no covers/sleeves over the motor) which combined with the injection mould ensures no moisture or condensation can get inside the motor.


Complete 316 stainless steel motor


Complete 316 stainless steel gearbox


Complete 316 stainless steel drum


It’s easy to determine which Drum Winch is required for your boat, the model of the Drum Winch is determined by the size of your boat. The Signature Steel Series suits all boats up to 30m.
Refer to the comparison table below to determine which Winch you require for your boat.

ModelWidthHeightMax Boat Size
Included Rope KitSpecifications
1000377mm250mm7m95m of 7mm Double Braid + 7m Chain Download
1500377mm300mm8m95m of 8mm Double Braid + 8m Chain Download
2000419mm306mm10m140m of 8mm Double Braid + 10m Chain Download
3000500mm331mm20mCustom Download
4000515mm416mm30mCustom Download