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Savwinch offers electric boat anchor winches that are easy-to-use and provide unmatched power. If you are tired of having to manually retrieve your boat anchor or you are looking to upgrade an existing boat anchor winch, Savwinch has the options that will meet your needs.

Our revolutionary products feature the innovative patented electronic fast fall system (SAV-EFF). A Savwinch boat anchor winch is powerful enough to help you raise or lower your anchor at just the touch of a button. The smooth operation at the helm allows you to drive the boat to your preferred fishing spot and lower the anchor without struggling or causing injuries to your body. There is also no hassle of dealing with a tangled chain. With a clutch-free design, these electric boat anchor winches make fishing easier and more convenient.

Savwinch offers the best value when it comes to anchor winch prices and extensive warranties ensuring that you will be satisfied. Savwinch is available at many reputable boating stores and for years we have been building a reputation as a reliable source of boat anchor winches. As Australian manufacturers and wholesalers of boat winches, we stand behind every product that we produce. Our boat anchor winches are also backed by a 12 month warranty for commercial and charter boat users and a 5 year warranty for recreational users.

The AWARD WINNING Savwinch electric anchor winch is available in several sizes so that you can find the perfect option that will suit your boat. If you are looking to add value to your boat, Savwinch has a solution that will meet your needs.


  • As a marine mechanic of 13 years experience and running my own workshop since 2009, I have sold and fitted over 400 Savwinches in a period of 7 years. I'm a boatie and fisherman myself I know what its like to have products that can let you down that's why I switched from using other winch companies over to only now using Savwinch. Of course I run a Savwinch in my own personal boat and I wouldn't have it any other way. Will Puican, Marine Essentials, Sydney, Aus
    Will Puican - Sydney
  • “We met Nick and his lovely wife at the Mandurah Boat Show in WA. We decided to purchase a 1000W Savwinch for our Haines Signature 600F from Nick and after some heavy negotiation received a complete package. The main reasons we decided to purchase the Savwinch were:-
    1.  We like to deal with honest, hardworking family businesses who understand great customer service.
    2.  That the construction and operation of the winch are without fault and its near silent operation is a bonus.
    3.  That the product is largely Australian made and is easy to install.
    The winch is now installed and operating perfectly with my new Super Sarca Anchor. The mistake I made was not buying the Sav Bowsprit as this would have improved the overall appearance and operation of the winch. My loss I guess!
    If you are looking to buy an Anchor winch I recommend that you check out the rest and then buy the Savwinch as you won’t be disappointed.
    Lyndon Smith, Perth WA”
    Lyndon Smith- Perth W.A
  • I used the boat on the weekend and the anchor winch worked as well as I expected it would. It is extremely quiet compared to other member’s winches and there is no radio interference when we are using it. We had some reasonable seas on Sat and the winch and the installation held up well. Makes fishing just that much better – especially for my crew!!!
    G. Wallace (SA)
  • I’m really happy since fitting the Savwinch 1000w to my Cruise Craft 550 Explorer. It was very straightforward to install myself, only taking an afternoon to complete, and has worked faultlessly. Now its a different boat to fish out of. I can anchor the boat more accurately, and no longer wondering if I can be bothered lifting the anchor and move a 100mtrs to find fish. Now all I do is just press the button… Thanks also for your advice and  your help with the accessories. Great product and service, that I will openly recommend to others.
    Pat Parisienne
  • I took my boat out on Sunday (August 2012) and tested my Savwinch, it had plenty of power, and it was faultless. I have mates with different types of winches and the Savwinch is the quietest of all them. Extremely happy with it and will recommend to anyone who is thinking of installing a boat anchor winch.
    John Evans
  • I have had a 550watt anchor winch installed on my 5.2 metre Savage Streaker for 5 months now and could not ask for a better anchor winch. Not only was it easy to install yourself, but works a treat. When whiting fishing, as you know you need to move a number of times chasing the fish and with this anchor winch this makes it easy lifting the anchor, and no noise to scare the fish. I would recomend this product to anyone. Thank you Savwinch for a great product.
    Graham Macka McPherson
  • I own a Stessl 5.7 Tri Hull. I normally don’t do testimonials, but after purchasing a Savwinch in January 2012 and have used it, I know that I had made the right decision on this product. After researching the market on electric boat anchor winches and discovering an article in Trailer Boat magazine for Savwinch, I rang Nick and spoke to him at great lengths and found him to be very knowledgeable and very helpful. Since then I am very happy with the unit and have found it very well priced in the market, compared to similar products.
    Warren Daines (Queensland)
  • I purchased a Savwinch in 2011 and am absolutely rapt about it. It sure makes fishing in Western-port, with fast running tides a lot more enjoyable and no more back pain! But the 2nd best thing I purchased was the new fast fall module SAV-EFF, it lowers the anchor about as quick as you can drop it, I am sure it could be used with most brands of electric anchor winches. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Savwinch & fast fall module.
    Terry Lee
  • I purchased an anchor winch from Savwinch at the 2011 Melbourne boat show.  It took me a long time to fit it, as I didn’t want to sacrifice use of the anchor bollard and other fittings in that area. Eventually I achieved my objective and have not needed to make any alterations to anything.  I am very impressed with my Savwinch and should have bought one a long time ago. Very quiet in operation, and very effective. Thanks again for a great product.
    Ron S (Grovedale)
  • I have a 40ft professional boat chartering business. My biggest problem was dropping and retreaving my anchor. When I approached SavWinch  in 2008 he assured me that my problems will be solved. I am now the happiest charter in Port Phillip Bay. I have recommended him to other charters and can highly recommend using one on your boat too!
    Mick (Williamstown Charters)
  • I have a 6mtr Noosa Cat. The best thing I did was install a Savwinch. Not only I don’t suffer with back pains anymore from manually lifting my anchor out but I can now move to many different fishing spots with ease. The difference I have realised with a Savwinch is not only the quality, but the low noise compared to the others is unbelievable. I have been fishing for over 30 years and I’ll tell you when your’e making too much noise the fish get spooked but with the Savwinch you will not hear a thing except for your chain when lowering your anchor.
    Vince R (Keilor Downs)
  • I have a 5.35 mtr Haines Signature and I can testify that I have seen many other winches and I can not compare the difference in the quality to a Savwinch which is by far superior – the key benefits of it are: very low noise, heaps of power in the geared motor and you can tell it is built to last. Most my mates now have  a Savwinch on their boats.
    George K (Coburg)



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Testimonial - Steve from Barwon Heads Marine Service


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Still Can't Decide on a Winch?

Look no further than Savwinch. Want to drop your anchor down faster? AWARD WINNING boat anchor winches with the ONLY World First patented electronic fast fall system (SAV-EFF). It’s the Electronic fast fall Savwinch range that drops as fast as a free fall but is clutch free. We have finally taken away the mechanical clutch with all its errors and won the Marine Industry Innovation Award for its design. Still Cannot Decide have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.