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History of Savwinch

Savwinch - 2012 Marine Business Innovation Award - Owners - Nick and Eleni Savva

Savwinch winners of the 2012 Marine Business Innovation Award – Owners – Nick and Eleni Savva

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA: Hi, My name is Nick Savva and I have been a keen boat fisherman for over 20 years. My work profession for the first 20 years has been as a Sales Engineer for some of the world’s most prominent and certainly Australia’s largest companies specialising in industrial motors, gearboxes and variable speed drives   for various industrial applications e.g. Conveyors, Cranes, Lifts, Hoists & Winches for industries e.g. Mining, Automobile, Food, Marine etc. This has given me great experience to undertake this venture into boat winches.

Over 10 years ago a mate of mine approached me to build him a drum style boat anchor winch for his 680 Haines. I started researching into existing winches and the first thing I realised was that they’re quite costly, secondly the quality was an issue – some were reasonable but most were of very low quality.

Taking these shortfalls into consideration I researched and designed my first boat anchor winch (through local Melbourne manufacturers). My winch was a vast improvement on existing winches and its application into my mate’s boat was a real success! I followed by putting one on my own boat (there still running so many years later!). Following on from that word got around about how great my winches were – especially the quality of them and I began to supply them for many boats. The rest is history. It has taken off since then mainly through word of mouth.

Coming up to a decade in business many inferior overseas made products have now flooded the market. However Savwinch have remained true to manufacturing their winches here in Australia, not just Australian owned and designed. We have built up the family business by adding new products to expand our product range and improving current products, having installed many winches in the last few years and now having many reputable boat builders and large boating retailers fitting and distributing Savwinch throughout Australia and now the world.

Our greatest achievement has been the invention of the Electronic fast fall system ranges.  World first, award winning and patented, the fast fall system falls at the same rate as a free falling winch but is clutch free.

Savwinch now has become an established name in the marine industry with a strong reputation for the highest quality and most durable winch on the market with excellence in customer service. In 2012, Savwinch were recognised by the Marine industry and its peers by being awarded the Marine Innovation Award for its excellence in products and running of the business.  We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward to the future.

You can contact us directly, see our list of retailers on the ‘Where to Buy’ page or catch us at one of the many boating and fishing expos/shows around the country during the year.