Benefits of Quiet Winch Motors

Upgraded value to your boat with robust construction Fishing, boating and other water sports are the most looked up to and increasingly common recreational activities today, as the water provides us with reprieve from an often busy and stressful life and something that can be enjoyed outdoors with family and friends. With the increasing demand…

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How to Choose the Right Winch 

Due to the harsh marine environment in Australia, it’s important to buy quality winches for your boat. A good quality stainless steel winch can help with avoiding corrosion especially if a company is using quality Marine Grade 316 stainless steel to produce boat anchor winches. Savwinch continues to use high quality Marine Grade 316 stainless steel…

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Savwinch Water And Corrosion Free

This is an image of a 1500W Savwinch at a different angle with motor up close

Savwinch 12 volt and 24 volt motors are proudly manufactured in Australia. Through years of continuous development through testing, We are proud to say that we have a fully tested and sealed motor from water and corrosion. An advantage of a Savwinch over other winches on the market is that we do not have any…

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